Hip Injury

Been waiting for a callback from doctors office for a possible squeeze in. I injured my hip this weekend getting into Kats car. My big butt wouldn't fit behind the steering wheel so I twisted to get myself into the seat. Not a good idea. I felt it immediately and been in excruciating pain and barely walking since. Had to cancel dr appt in SF. Stayed home the last 3 days in bed taking morphine med and prednisone. Self doctoring works. Doing better, and hopefully will be able to tolerate trip to L.A. to see daughter and grandkids. Xavier and girlfriend taking me. The 6-9 hour drive  should be interesting! I'll be taking the new kitten with me on the trip.

If I just lay back when I'm hurting, I will just continue to lay back, turn into Jaba the Hutt and still have pain and suffering. I might as well have a good time while I'm at it. At least be looking at the pretty lights when they carry me away flat on my back, eh!

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