Enough is Enough!!!

Laurie called me last night. Her 13 year old daughter, Chloe had passed out and then went into a seizure. (She's never had one before).

Chloe is a twin to Rose. She is the one who performs, dances, sings. Quite talented, I think. Rose is the Geek Girl in the family.

Lucky that Laurie is a nurse. Her middle son, Justin lives at her house with his wife and three kids because his landlord's house got repossessed and they had to hurry and get out.

Justin is a paramedic. He took care of Chloe until the ambulance arrived. They took her to the nearest hospital. But, when they discovered her white blood count was very very high, they sent her to a bigger hospital. They did a lot of tests on her, including a spinal tap. I was pretty worried she might have Leukemia. She had no fever and it didn't appear she had any infection.

They put her in a room by herself and Laurie stayed overnight with her. The next day (today), she had scans and EKG and EEG. The doctor never came in until this evening to tell the results.

Chloe has an infection in her sinuses and she now is taking antibiotics.

I find it interesting to realize that one can be that sick and not run a temperature beyond 99 degrees.

I didn't feel well myself and probably a good thing otherwise I would have gotten stressed out. Being sick and lowly has it's advantages, I suppose. I had all I could do just to take care of myself. I think it is left over feeling druggy from the Abilify. Though, I did not take any today. I think I will wait til Monday and give a call to the doctor and ask if I can take it at bedtime instead of morning.

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