CBC Blood Test Results

Blood Test Results

ComponentYour ValueStandard RangeUnitsFlag
White Blood Cell Count21.24.0 - 11.0K/uLHH
Verified by repeat analysis.
Result called to and read back by:
LUPE 1212 08/24/11 rs.
Red Blood Cell Count5.033.90 - 5.40M/uL
Hemoglobin16.112.0 - 15.5g/dLH
Hematocrit48.135.0 - 47.0%H
MCV9680 - 100fL
MCH32.027.0 - 33.0pg
MCHC33.531.0 - 36.0g/dL
RDW13.8<16.4 -  %
Platelet Count362150 - 400K/uL
Neutrophil7149 - 64%H
Neutrophil Bands50.0 - 10.0%
Lymphocyte1126 - 46%L
Monocyte60 - 12%
Basophil30 - 2%H
Metamyelocyte10 -  %H
Myelocyte30 -  %H
Abs. Neutrophil15.12.0 - 8.0K/uLH
Abs. Band1.10 -  K/uLH
Abs. Lymphocyte2.31.0 - 5.1K/uL
Abs. Monocyte1.30.0 - 0.95K/uLH
Abs. Basophil0.60.0 - 0.2K/uLH
Abs. Metamyelocyte0.20 -  K/uLH
Abs. Myelocyte0.60 -  K/uLH

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