Quitting Medical Care

I sent this message off to Palo Alto Medical Foundation Customer Service today, after not being able to get through their phone system to talk to a human being. 

I hope they will respond, at least acknowledge there is a problem. 

I don't want reassurances that their phone programming is "in process" of getting straightened out. 

I just want to know WHEN!

Customer Service
Elizabeth M Munroz
01/26/2012 4:59 PM
Topic: Customer Service

I am so fed up with your phone system! I just spent an hour on the phone just to have one question answered. An important question related to bloodwork ordered by my oncologist. It was very stressful to Hold and listen to music and then get connected only to hold and listen to music then be transferred to another department where I then hold and listen to music

And all along being told that my phone call is important!

Not to mention that when I finally talk to a person and they find it necessary to put me on hold for something I have gotten disconnected three times today. At least one person did call me back.

By the time I get to talk to the right person to ask my question and get my answer I am so frustrated and angry that it is hard for me to be civil. As it stands I decided to not bother to go through with my specialty blood test.

I am so ready to quit being a patient at PAMF that I am now looking around for other doctors to take over my medical care. Unfortunately I need a whole team of doctors for my multiple diagnoses.

I am so sad and disturbed by all this business! I feel like PAMF could care less!

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