It's Only Fat!

Test: CT Chest Abdomen Pelvis With Contrast 
Resulted Date: 9/19/2012 Status: Final Result 

REASON FOR EXAM: Left flank mass, history of CML and right pelvic chondrosarcoma 
After the administration of intravenous and oral contrast, spiral CT of the 
chest, abdomen and pelvis was performed. Delayed images of the abdomen and 
pelvis were also obtained. Axial plane images are reviewed in soft tissue, lung 
and bone windows on computer workstation. 
100 cc Isovue-370 
Dose parameters for this examination:
number of series: 
maximal CTDI 14.3 mGy 
total DLP 1606.9 mGy-cm. 

COMPARISON: 10/05/2011 

FINDINGS: A skin marker was placed over the mass on the left flank. The mass 
corresponds to a 4.2 x 3.9 x 9.6 cm fat density mass with a thin smooth 
capsule. The lumen of the mass is homogeneous fat density. No enhancing 
component is present. Similar mass was present on the previous study dated 
Thoracic inlet is normal. No axillary lymphadenopathy.

Mediastinal structures are normal. Densely calcified mass in the right lower 
lobe is stable. The lungs are otherwise clear. No infiltrate or pleural 
Air in the left hepatic duct is again noted. There is a small amount of air in 
the common bile duct. Gallbladder is surgically absent. The pancreas, spleen, 
adrenal glands and abdominal aorta are unremarkable. Vascular calcifications 
are noted. 

Small intestine and colon are within normal limits. 
Previously identified surgical changes on the right side of the pelvis are 
again noted. The right pubis and most of the right ischium have been removed 
degenerative changes in the SI joints and lower lumbar spine are noted. No 
lymphadenopathy. No inflammation or ascites. 

1. The left flank mass is most consistent with extra muscular lipoma. 
2. Surgical changes in the pelvis 
3. Old granulomatous disease 

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