Beaten Down By Medical Diagnoses?

I visited my Rhematologist yesterday. We had a very interesting conversation revolving around the fact that I seem to be "blessed" with a myriad of medical diagnoses. And how interesting it is that others seem to not have medical problems at all. The reality for me is that I'd rather have what I have regardless of the seriousness of it, because I "know the enemy" and have embraced it. This doesn't mean I like having Leukemia or any other medical issues I face. It means I've accept that these are that which I carry around with me day to day. I could carry these burdens and look at them as a horrible threatening weight bearing down on my shoulders. Or I could educate myself carefully about each and every one so that I have a clearer picture of what I am dealing with. Truly this lightens the load.

Near the bridge in a beautiful small town in Vermont. I don't remember the name.
If I look at a diagnosis as an entitity in it's own being, so to speak, I can respect it, respect the possible power it could have over my life and respect that it needs addressing instead of ignoring and letting it weaken my resolve to have a good life.

First and foremost, if you are going to respect your condition, you have to know more than the name. Do you know the name: Do you know the other possible names? Do you know the history of the disease? The way it can affect people? Knowledge is power. Knowing all aspects of your diagnosis, even the scary parts that everyone would rather not think about, is of prime importance. If you know that your condition could lead to death, then keeping yourself in ignorance about the symptoms that could lead up to an untimely death would end in a shock and surprise. Denying the possibility and pretending that keeping a positive mind set is fine, But it does not prepare you to take care of yourself when things get worse.

Educate yourself. Know who the enemy is. Make him your friend. Learn everything you can to make yourself familiar with how your body is affected by the condition and keep watch over yourself. Take care of your health as if you were taking care of your most precious infant.

Knowlege is Power. Empower Yourself!

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