Moving Away from Fires?

Someone has made a suggestion that I consider moving out of California. Over the years I have lived all over the country. My first husband was in the military. I am living now where I want to live.

Asthma and allergies can be where ever one lives. (Mold, Humidity, plants one is allergic to, ice cold winters)

Of course, the fires this year are really bothersome. In the early 60's, I lived in Los Angeles where the smog was really bad, similar to the air quality going on around me right now. But it was just as bad in Buffalo NY, as well as Indianapolis when I lived there.

I figure wherever any of us live, natural phenomena is going to affect us in some way or another.

Fires are a natural part of life here. It's just that this year has been way over the norm. It's been a dry drought summer. With the Summit fire, nearby, I drove up to San Francisco and stayed at my son's house, and could do it now if I feel it necessary. For part of the fires he was getting smoked out, too.

Regardless of the smoke, I'd rather stay here at home where I am most comfortable and everything I need is available. I'd rather sleep in my own bed than my son's sofa.

Presently, the largest fire is expected to be contained by the end of this month.

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