Awoke this morning with one pupil blown up fully open and vision quite hampered. Very disconcerting.

Emergency room visit.

Sent home without a diagnosis or treatment. No MRI since there were no MRI techs working on Easter. Told to visit first thing tomorrow morning with the ophthalmologist that was consulted on the phone by the ER doc.

After I got home, imagine my surprise when the ophthalmologist called me at home and asked that I come to her office right away.

We arrived (Kats drove me) and she gave me a full exam which revealed that none of the usual serious or obvious causes were apparent. No aneurysm or stroke for example. Thank heavens.

She put some "green drops" in my eye which eventually made the pupil shrink down to normal size and my vision is almost back to normal.

Got to try to get to bed early so I can wake up early and drive to my appointment. Hopefully the MRI will either show nothing at all, or show something that can be easily fixed.

Hopefully, I will then be able to get to class on time. I would rather not go at all, but even the doctor told me I should attend. Doctor's orders? Ha! We will see.

There is something sobering about suddenly losing your vision. I don't know that I would have been so calm without Kats being with me.

Sure did take my mind off the misery and despondency I had been feeling about Jay's suicide.

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