Aftereffects Zero

Aftereffects of the oral surgery to remove the wisdom tooth are negligible. The only pain I have is from my arthritis!

I forgot to mention yesterday how the dentist/doctor questioned me about my blood. I gave him a paper with everything written down. The high white blood counts, etc. He wasn't interested in that. He was interested in my platelets, which in some Leukemia patients are so few that they become heavy bleeders. I told him they were normal. But, since I hadn't written the number down on the paper I had the other blood counts on, he wasn't very happy. I assured him that I've been diagnosed early and my platelets are fine, in fact a little above normal.

With just a little bit too much challenge in his voice he said, "How do you know? Are you a nurse?"

When I responded, "No!" he briskly walked out of the room telling his assistant to call my oncologist's office to get the numbers on my platelets.

Maybe I should have lied and told him yes I was a nurse. I wonder if he would have accepted that.

I can respect that he has to be sure that working on a patient in my situation he has all the information to perform a safe procedure, for me as well as for him. I just wish he could have been a little less brusque and belittling. I would have been nice had there been equal respect reciprocating. I guess, like the song says, "Nobody ever promised you a rose garden."

However, Today I got to see a most beautiful rose at M.A.s house. It smells as lovely as it looks! Life is sweet!

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