Employment Enjoyment

My little brother sat at the side of the road until some city folks stopped by. He had some veggies from our garden for sale. Roger was a great business man even then. He sold a whole bushel basket of squash for three times the going rate! The customers drove away quite happy because these were home grown, and sold by a most informative little boy.

Some decades later, aside from holding down a full time job, Roger and his wife sold items at swap meets and flea markets in order to make ends meet. Another decade later, he was so successful that he was able to give up his job and start his own business selling electronics from his store and which still included traveling to various events, setting up tables and selling to the public.

I often accompanied him working for a day's worth of pay, and the enjoyment of being with my brother when his business brought him to my area. I first worked with him in the mid 1970's. The night before, we would pack up his van, awaken before dawn, go to the even location, unload the van, set up tables, display merchandise and sell to customers, some which became long time regulars. Often Roger had others working for as his business grew.

Within the last decade, as my health issues became more of a burden, we adjusted the type of work I could do for him. No more loading or unloading heavy boxes. No more putting up the tables. Eventually, just putting merchandise out, organizing displays and pricing items. Then, later, simply being cashier. The last few times my brother was in my area, all I could do was drive to his location and hang out with him a couple hours, instead of all day, and sometimes answering questions from customers. It was great to be with my bro and catch up on family matters. Most recently, all I could do was meet him for lunch or dinner at a convenient spot on his way home. My energy and general well being was so low.

Today, Roger and his wife were at Pacificon, less than a two hour drive from me. It's been more than a year since we have seen each other. So, Kats and I drove out to see him. We arrived before set up time, which was before three in the afternoon this time. Thank heavens! There were all the familiar tables loaded with electronic merchandise still needing some organization for display.

It was like getting back on a bicycle after not having ridden one for years. It came naturally to me to help out. But, before you know it, I had to go sit down and just watch. As what usually happens in my everyday life, I got my second wind, and began to help again.

And there was that redundant fatigue dogging me. Repeatedly taking a break was necessary. I hope when I get on chemo, and become stabilized, I will get some of that energy back!

It was wonderful to hang out with my little brother and his wife. And great to socialize with customers, some of them with familiar faces and joyful greetings.


  1. Anonymous10/16/2011

    Sounds like you had a nice day with your brother. Your brother sounds like my youngest brother who used to go door to door selling my grandma's apricots fresh off the tree. It's neat that he has made a business of what he enjoys.

  2. Pumpkin, It was a nice day, for sure. Lots of nostalgia for those days when I could work for him, work hard, and enjoy myself. We went out for a wonderful dinner afterwards. Hopefully I can write about that soon, too. Thanks for following my blog. It's nice to know you're there.

  3. I have been buying parts and things from Roger Deane at the TRW swap meet in Redondo Beach for more than ten years. He has been a consistently good vendor the whole time. I always make it a point to stop by his stand, see his current offerings, and say hello. He's a good guy and always ready to help a customer.

  4. Thank you, David! I'm proud to know you think so highly of him. I have found the same to be true, but of course, I am biased. Who knows? We may have met some time.


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