How Did I Get Leukemia?

In some cases of Leukemia the cause is not known.

"Experts say that different leukemias have different causes. The following are either known causes, or strongly suspected causes:

Artificial ionizing radiation

Viruses - HTLV-1 (human T-lymphotropic virus) and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)

Benzene and some petrochemicals

Alkylating chemotherapy agents used in previous cancers

Maternal fetal transmission (rare)

Hair dyes

Genetic predisposition - some studies researching family history and looking at twins have indicated that some people have a higher risk of developing leukemia because of a single gene or multiple genes.

Down syndrome - people with Down syndrome have a significantly higher risk of developing leukemia, compared to people who do not have Down syndrome. Experts say that because of this, people with certain chromosomal abnormalities may have a higher risk."


In my case, I happen to believe it is because of exposure to benzene and petrochemicals due to a long term exposure to the toxic waste of the Love Canal located in Niagara Falls, NY where I grew up.

Warning: This video has some hard core music playing with it. So if you don't want to listen turn off the sound. The message is what I'm hoping you will read. The visuals speak for themselves.

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