Too Much. Too Much

The patient is tired, exhausted really. Sick too. Too cold. Too hot. Nauseated. Unable to eat. Stomach pain, bone pain. Incessant coughing. Why does nothing work to stop it? No pills, no cough syrup, no inhaler or nose drops. Cough, Cough cough. Don't breathe too deeply. Lay still. Don't move. Coughing makes head ache. Makes pounding in the ears. No energy. Hopelessness drags down her spirits.

Unable to care for herself. Lies upon the bed without sufficient clothing. Laundry needs to be done, bathroom needs to be cleaned. Sheets taken from bed.

A bath would be so nice. If only.. if only she felt safe

She feels so sorry for herself and hates it.

Yeah, that patient is me.


  1. Anonymous12/20/2011

    Hope you feel better asap...if I were closer I'd come help you!

  2. Thank you, Dear! I'm so much better now!


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