Cancer Chances Increase in Previous Cancer Patients

I'm aware that getting a secondary cancer is much more likely than the percentages for a person who has never had cancer. Sad but true. 

I think in some cases it is because of the treatment a person has had in the past. For example, in the chondrosarcoma group we have had a couple of breast cancer survivors who then got chondrosarcoma, which was caused in their case by the radiation they received. Same thing, too with two men who had previously had prostate cancer. As far as I know I am the only one who developed Leukemia as a secondary cancer to Chondrosarcoma. Neither cancer is related to the other. My chances increased just by having had the first cancer. I knew this from reading about it a long time ago and I was always wondering when that second shoe would drop.

But, because I had the previous cancer and survived, the curling up in a corner and being miserable doesn't happen. That only happens when I am sick with the flu. I learned a long time ago that life will pass me by if I don't live it. I can live it limping or even lying down if I am not doing well. But, for me, once I get moving, it helps. Though, with the leukemia, I find I tire out easier. So sometimes I just have to sit down and read a book or something for twenty minutes or so, then get back to what I was doing before. Frustrating, especially if I am trying to clean out a closet or something. 

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