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I'm happy I came across this:

"Dasatinib, administered once daily, as compared with imatinib, administered once daily, induced significantly higher and faster rates of complete cytogenetic response and major molecular response.

Since achieving complete cytogenetic response within 12 months has been associated with better long-term, progression-free survival, dasatinib may improve the long-term outcomes among patients with newly diagnosed chronic-phase CML. ( number, NCT00481247)"

Why am I happy?

Dasatinib is the chemo drug I am taking for my leukemia. When they mention "complete cytogenetic response and major molecular response" it means that the way out of line bone marrow and blood is getting back to normal. It doesn't mean a cure, but it means it is controlled better. That's the easiest way to explain it at the moment.

The other one mentioned above, Imatinib is an older chemo drug that is sort of the great grandpa of the one I am taking. It used to be the best one around. But according to the above, it looks like my chemo drug is so much better!

Dasatinib is also known as Sprycel.

Imatinib is also known as Gleevec

Note: The art is my own altered photo. It is called Chemo Fire


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