Losing Weight is Good?

Skinny me, a long time ago
Today I learned that I have lost twenty four pounds since I started on Chemo.

Of course, the good thing is that I lost weight.

The not so good thing is what caused me to lose weight.

Not  being able to take my stomach medicine because it interferes with the absorbtion of  Dasatinib ( Sprycel ) by sixty percent made it necessary to go cold turkey with my tummy meds. I'm sure I have mentioned this before. Yes?

So the results were instantaneous. Tummy problems full force. It's taken these many months to get to the point where it's not so terrible to live with, though I often question quality of life. Do I want to be sick the rest of my life by not treating tummy problems? Or do I want to be sick with the long term results of untreated leukemia

I haven't even mentioned the meds I cant use anymore for pain. Have I? We wont go there right now. Tummy is the biggest problem.

Needless to say, it has gotten down to experimenting with various foods to learn what my tummy can handle and what is no longer my friend. Right now I can eat apple, banana, asparagus, oatmeal, white meat turkey and occasionally, a little bit of red meat. I'm sorry my vegetarian friends. I cannot eat soy products either. My favorite food, a good salad is a touch and go situation. One day I can have a little, another day it will sit in my tummy heavy and nauseating.

This really bothers me. Losing twenty four pounds without an adequately balanced diet is concerning. I've got to look at the contraindications on the Dasatinib labeling sheet again. I hadn't given it much thought in the beginning, but there are several nutritional supplements that are not to be taken.

Well.... Who knows? At the rate I am going, perhaps I will look like the skinny wench in the picture again!

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