Second Bone Marrow Biopsy

Bone marrow biopsy went like a charm. Even the novacaine didn't bother me. The Oncologist shoots some of it into the periosteum as well as surrounding tissue. Once I'm numb he goes in with his "drill" to suck out a piece of bone. Another part of the procedure is to suck out some "baby" blood. That which is produced in the marrow before it goes out into the bloodstream.

He got the blood, including a blood clot (don't know if that's important) but it took forever to twist in there and get the bone chunk he wanted. The only thing I felt was a mild shaking of the table. Or was that me? 

I asked my doctor if next time he does this, we can videotape. I see so many youtube videos where people are in terrible pain. I want folks to know there are doctors out there who can do it much more gently, and in my case... painless!


Note: both photos are from the internet and not my own.

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