Catching a Cold from Cats and Cataract Surgery

I am told my Leukemia is technically in remission as long as I keep taking the Dasatinib.

I have issues with the chemo in that it keeps me nauseated much of the time. That can be quite debilitating and annoying.  It is hard to get adequate balanced nutrition when all I can eat is crackers. Though at least I do have some good days.

This is Ozzie who lives in Lee Vining, California
I met him the week I was diagnosed with CML in 2011.
Recently I have caught a cold from my five cats. Yes, according to the Vet it is not only quite possible but now proven. We can also give our cats the flu, too! The cats are all well now, but I keep dragging on with exhaustion and needing frequent time out's from daily activities to lie down. I don't know if it is residual from the cold alone though.

I also have a mild form of anemia, low lymphocytes (white blood cells) and not enough protein in my blood, as well as a chronic pancreatitis flare up, all of which could be related to my extreme fatigue. Urgh!!!

On Wednesday, I'm scheduled for a cataract removal surgery and lens implant. The lens will be for distance in one eye. Later, the other lens will be for close up. I'm very apprehensive about the idea of someone messing with my eye! Thank heavens I will be sedated for this procedure.

Though I am told there is no contraindication to having the surgery while I have leukemia, (and getting over a cold) it still concerns me. But, I will chalk that up to being overly cautious and maybe a tiny bit of fear.

My boy friend will be taking me for the surgery, bringing me back and staying with me a couple days. A friend will come on Friday. Then my son will be here for Mother's day. So I won't be alone in my healing process. And.... so that I wont bend over or pick up items weighing more than ten pounds.

Four out of my five cats are at least that weight so it will be a good idea that others will be here to "hoist" them about for me and do the bending over to feed them!


  1. OMC! TW says cataract surgery is a snap. It takes just over a minute and there's no pain or anything. She talked to the doctor through the procedure. She's a real wuss and after the surgery, she grabbed Pop and wanted to go right home. Pop went to work the day after his surgeries. TW says make sure they give you a nice valium cocktail. Heh heh. Hope yours goes as smoothly as my peeps'.

    1. Thank you Cathy Keisha... It's reassuring to know. And, yes, I'm getting the cocktail, fur sure!

  2. Please let me know how your cataract surgery went.. Morgan


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