Coming Out of the Closet

Saw my oncologist yesterday for a regular follow up appt. Everything is "normal" (she says) but I dont feel well. She thinks it has nothing to do with CML or Sprycel. During the appointment I asked her a question to which the answer scared me.

There's a well known man, Actor, Ralph Peduto, in my area who died 12 days after diagnosis. TWELVE DAYS! 

I asked my doctor how that could be. Didn't he have any symptoms? Was he seeing a doctor who just missed the signs? Or, was treating him for something else? How does one's bone marrow go so crazy in just a few days that one can suddenly just out and out die?

She was sort of nonchalant about it. She said, "Oh, yes... that can happen. A patient can go along fine and then, for reasons we don't know, things can get quickly out of hand like that."

Until then I felt like my diagnosis was unreal, and no big deal. (denial?) Now, I'm worried. It's like having a bad guy hiding in your closet that you know is there, but who promises to never come out, but you can't trust him and can't do anything about him.

Ralph Peduto's Filmography

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