Asthma Fires

I have recently been asked for an update on the new fires in my region. A new one called the Basin Complex Fire is in the same county where I live. Though it is probably at least 30 miles away, the smoke spreads over the area. As long as I stay inside it doesn't bother my asthma much. I have a small air conditioner in the bedroom and I can hole up in there with my books, computer, and TV if necessary.

There is a bigger fire south of me about 40 miles or more. It's called the Indians Fire  It's presently at about 10,000 acres.  It's more brush and grass than the other, they say, and in a more uninhabited area.

Locally, over a thousand have been evacuated. Though it is a smaller fire than the other one, it involves Redwood trees. I am saddened that there are fires at all, but also saddened that the trees are being burned.

All in all there have been hundreds fires in California right now

more info on those fires:

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