Feeling Down

I've been sinking down the last couple months. Seeing my counselor is not enough and I told her I needed a psych consult to see if there is some med change that needs to occur. I've been stable on Lamictal a long time, but this depression has been unrelenting. I finally got to see a shrink in Feb. After an hour appt. he said he would do nothing as he didn't think I was a bi polar, and I should go see the geriatric psychiatrist. I only got to see her today. I pointed out that I don't think the last doctor could make a fair assessment of my diagnosis after one hour, when my previous one saw me for fifteen years. And I need help Now! However after a lengthy interview, I was put off again. I am so down about this, I called the local helpline. I never do that. Never. After being punted from one person to another I finally learned I had called the wrong county. So that ends that. I'm not at the end of the rope right now, like I felt when I called. I've got to sleep on this. Tomorrow, I've got to do something about this. I can't keep driving a hundred miles to not get the care I need.

There's more details I've left out, but just too tired.

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