Abilify Effect

So, I took the Abilify about noon with my toast and tea. I'd been informed to take it with breakfast. I wake up late, and that's my breakfast. I was puttering around the house on low energy when I realized it was past time to go to crochet class over at the local hospital and meet with the only flesh and blood friends I have in this area. Late, or not, I decided to go.

It didn't take long for me to realize it was a mistake as I was feeling quite druggy. I drove home very carefully and went to bed.

I NEVER sleep in the day time. But, here I was snoozing along.

My daughter called me to tell me that her husband's thyroid cancer had returned.

He recently had a scan and when he called the office, the nurse said it looked like a recurrence. I had a little problem with that. I don't think, legally, a nurse or any other staff is allowed to tell you something negative like that. I believe it has to be the doctor!

Still, Scott has to wait to talk to the doctor to see what comes next. More surgery? More radiation? What?

Several hours later,that night, Laurie called me to tell me it was a false alarm!

Note: the picture is of Scott, my son in law

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