Fire and Lightning

Had a very close fire this week, houses burned. Now contained. We drove the burnt area this weekend. It saddens me so much for those who are facing the loss. Some stay to the last minute hosing down their roofs. It was called the Trabing Fire. This picture was taken about 16 miles north, from Santa Cruz.

We had a thunderstorm with lightening Friday (no rain) so many of the lightning strikes started numerous fires throughout the state.

I couldn't believe my ears tonight when they said on the news, Governor Swartzenegger announced there are presently 520 wildfires in CA.

My asthma has been well controlled this last year but not now. There's no place I can go to get away from the smoke. The usual ways out are blocked from day to day.

Truly, I am NOT in personal danger from the fires, per se. It's the smoke that's tough to take.

The "Trabing" Fire was so close that leaves were lifted off the eucalyptus trees and flung all around town, and of course it snowed ash for days.

It was a very hot day when it started. I had just put my cat in the car to take to the vet. I had put ice packs around her carrier to keep her cool, plus I had the air conditioner going. It doesn't go into the back seat very well.

Just a few blocks from my house I suddenly noticed a big plume of smoke. I decided to not take the freeway because it looked to me that fire might be on the other side of it. So, I drove through town. But, the further into town I went the more I realized the fire was a lot closer than I thought. The plume looked more like a bomb had gone off. By that time, there was traffic on the streets. I decided to turn around and went back home.

It was later that I learned the fire was burning the forested area that grows right up to the edge of town near the airport and hospital.

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