Bone Marrow Biopsy

Off to have the biopsy today. I'm not sure about why it is necessary, as they already have blood results. I will have to study up on this. 

I was diagnosed with CML last Tuesday as previously mentioned. The Bone Marrow Biopsy is in a couple hours from now without anesthesia. 

When I mentioned this to facebook friends I got a two to one "vote" against it. Four people said don't do it without anesthesia because they had a friend who said so. Two said it was not that bad because that is was their experience through with their ALL (a different type of Leukemia than I have, more severe). 

I got another opinion from a young man in my autobiography writing class who has seven years survival with ALL. He said his first bone marrow biopsy was done without anesthetic when he was a teen and "that it must have been okay" because he doesn't even remember it. Later ones he had were with anesthetic. He doesn't know why.

So, here I go. Hope I won't be sorry that I'm doing this without anesthetic.


Picture was taken in 1998 by Kats when we went to Lake Tahoe. 
This was in desert area on the way to Reno, Nevada, I believe

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