Bone Marrow Transplant??

My friends are asking me if there is anything they could do to help me, I couldn't think of anything except to continue to be friends and be supportive.

But, now it occurs to me that there really is something they can do. Something important.

Even though I might not need a bone marrow transplant for a long time, I hope this will be something given consideration by you, the reader. It might not necessarily benefit me directly, if we're not a match. If everyone would be willing to become a bone marrow donor, certainly they could help someone in the same situation as me. And people would not needlessly die for lack of a bone marrow donor.

One does not need to give up their bone marrow right at the beginning. All that has to be done is to take a swab of the inside of the cheek to check the DNA to find out if there is a match. The records will be kept on file. Then if someone needs a bone marrow transplant the donor will be requested to donate.

I've heard rumors that it is terribly painful. Not true.
I've heard rumors that it hurts the donor more than the recipient. Give me a break! The recipient has been through tons of chemo, hardly has any healthy blood left in their body, is weak and already suffering much more than the donor can imagine. Plus, it is not so difficult as it once was. Sometimes it can simply be a matter of donated blood for stem cells to be harvested.

You can become a Bone Marrow Donor! Save someone's life! Read up on it before saying no. Educate yourself! Okay? Thanks!

I took the picture above. It is in my own backyard. A friend once mailed me this cow pelvis. We both had the same kind of bone cancer in the same part of the pelvis. I think it is cool. I suppose some might not think so. This view, by the way, is right outside my bedroom window.

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