I never know how to describe this feeling. It's not entirely a panic attack at all. More like feeling anxious, or distraught for no reason. Feels sort of like I had a gallon of coffee and have all that caffiene running through me. But, not in an energizing way. If feels more like a baseball glove pressed hard against my face, or a tarantula with a grip.

I do not know what might be bothering me emotionally, or if anything is bothering me at all. Is it just a physiological sensation? Or is there a mental pressure wanting to be worked out. I don't know. I have no choice but to stay with it and just see if I can make it go away or at least diminish enough to feel less like I'd rather be jogging!

Went to reading group yesterday afternoon. First dropped by to get my allergy shot and learned I was there on the wrong day.

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