Didn't sleep well last night. I kept dreaming that I was putting an ad in the paper, "cancer patient needs dental work. Please Help". I felt so emotionally desperate in the dream, but not so when I awoke. I have GOT to remember to call the  county dental clinic on Saturday to see if someone has cancelled a Monday appointment to get my tooth pulled. That is covered by county funds. But anything beyond that is not. I need a night guard badly and that is what I was dreaming about. I grind my teeth in my sleep. I have TMJ and am missing a row of teeth on the bottom side where my tongue gets caught while I'm sleeping. In the morning my tongue is raw. Seems to me I need to do something about that before I'm on chemo. I understand that the mouth guard will cost about one third of my month's income and up.

Kats had set his alarm to get up early as he needed to go back home (57 miles). With a murderer on the loose and his neighborhood being searched by swat teams last night, it didn't make much sense for him to return then as they had the streets blocked. No one could enter or leave. This morning we learned that the murderer (he shot his co-workers) was found and shot by police. I don't have all the details, but them's the facts as I know 'em.

After Kats left, I figured I would go back to bed and snooze, but it didn't work out that way, so I had some tea and toast and the senior grocery bag delivery person came. He rings the doorbell, leaves the bag on the walkway in front of the door and takes off. Good thing I was awake, otherwise the bag would have been soaked. Sometimes there are some good things to eat. Fresh organic vegetables. Okay, maybe a little bit not fresh, but edible. Sometimes, bagels or cookies. I don't eat them because someone has handled them and put them into baggies. Just don't feel comfortable with that. (Miss Fussy) And the bagels are usually quite hard. Always a loaf of bread not too far past the expiration date. If I keep it frozen or in the fridge it might last. Sometimes it's hot dog buns or some other white bread. Sorry, I don't do white bread. I try to find someone among my neighbors who wants them. Every delivery always contains a couple big onions and lots of potatoes. If I cooked them up and ate them every day, they wouldn't be finished by next week for the next delivery. I don't understand what they are thinking. Maybe the plan was to feed senior citizens. That's what I remember from when they first organized Grey Bears. It was learned that some seniors were eating dog food because they didn't have enough money to buy groceries and the logic was beef stew for Fido was no different than beef stew for themselves.

I don't mean to sound like a complainer. Really, all the salad makings I get are wonderful, but I do feel guilty if I can't find someone to give the unwanted food to and have to toss it.

I especially like the fruits. They are grown right here outside of town and there is an abundance of berries, in particular. Supposed to be good for cancer patients, I understand.

All in all, my tummy is welcoming repast. Maybe it's due to the wonderful barbecue chicken that Kats cooked for me last night.

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