CBC Blood Test Results

Component Results

ComponentYour ValueStandard RangeUnitsFlag
White Blood Cell Count54.74.0 - 11.0K/uLHH

Red Blood Cell Count4.733.90 - 5.40M/uL
Hemoglobin14.912.0 - 15.5g/dL
Hematocrit47.735.0 - 47.0%H
MCV10180 - 100fLH
MCH31.527.0 - 33.0pg
MCHC31.231.0 - 36.0g/dL
RDW14.9<16.4 -  %
Platelet Count395150 - 400K/uL
Neutrophil6549 - 64%H
Neutrophil Bands150.0 - 10.0%H
Lymphocyte526 - 46%L
Atyp. Lymph20 -  %H
Monocyte60 - 12%
Basophil30 - 2%H
Metamyelocyte40 -  %H
Abs. Neutrophil35.62.0 - 8.0K/uLH
Abs. Band8.20.0 - 1.4K/uLH
Abs. Lymphocyte2.71.0 - 5.1K/uL
Abs. Atyp. Lymph1.10 -  K/uLH
Abs. Monocyte3.30.0 - 0.95K/uLH
Abs. Basophil1.60.0 - 0.2K/uLH
Abs. Metamyelocyte2.20 -  K/uLH



  1. For years we watched Angie's blood tests results after her diagnosis of AML. I truly appreciate the honest open sharing you are doing during this part of your journey. Sending much love energy your way.

  2. Thank you Lori for sending love energy. I feel it! I hope that my sharing all this might help at least one other person at some time, in some way. I am still learning to understand what these blood test results indicate. I am shocked how rapidly they are increasing just from two weeks ago. It's weird, because I don't feel all that sick. Or maybe I've been sick for so long and got used to it, that I'm not noticing it.

  3. How are you feeling on the drug so far?

  4. Vic Mastrogiovanni11/11/2011

    Liz, its a pleasure to read your journal. With the internet and its social networks brutalizing the art of writing (and spelling), its refreshing to see that there are still those of you remaining who are able to communicate clearly. Although your skills fall more appropriately under the category of a "gift". You're one of the few people I have met directly as a result of Facebook, that I truly consider a joy having as a friend. By the writing this note, I was very careful that I spelled everything coreticaly.

  5. Mary, So far the only problem I am having is a constant frontal headache, and fuzzy brain.

    Vic, thank you so much. I will soon produce my novel and you can have the first signed copy! Compliments will get you everywhere!


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