Double Check - Second Look

There was a time when you might have a blood test and later ask your doctor what the results were. During that time (in ancient medical history, not too long ago) you might be told, "everything is fine" or "nothing to be concerned about". Or maybe you would not have dared to ask in the first place.

Things have changed! Today, I can go on the internet, look up my medical file through the clinic where I get my care. and see what my blood test results are, as can any other patient of the same clinic. This is not to say that we are all savvy patients. Interpreting the meaning of blood results is the doctor's job after all!

I have been told that I have enough medical background to be dangerous. True. Having taken my CA state pre-med courses and never moving up past them to continue my education does put me at a disadvantage. I know enough to find out what those blood results might indicate. I can be dangerous by second guessing the doctor (a big no-no!). I would rather be a well informed patient (a big yes in my mind).

I like that things have changed. I like that I can have almost instant access to my test results. By having that access I can continue to learn how to help myself to be healthier so that I can discuss test results with my doctor more intelligently. It helps me to recognize the reasoning behind a possible treatment the doctor might suggest for me.

Getting to the point now... I get an email notice every time a new test result arrives, after the doctor has seen it first. So tonight I got one stating my blood test results were in. Hmmm? Haven't had any new blood tests done since last week. I wonder what's going on?

I found it very interesting to find that the doctor has ordered a "repeat analysis" of my blood test which was done on the 26th of October. He took a look at the results this afternoon shortly before leaving his office.

It makes me feel good to know he's taking a second look at my results. To me that means he is checking up on me, making sure he's doing his best for me. Hope that's not too egotisical of me, me, me, to be thinking this way. I feel reassured that he cares enough to give my case more than a glance consideration.

Photo Art by me, Elizabeth Munroz
It's called, of course, Double Check Second Look

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