My Thanksgiving was stellar. My son, his girlfriend, another woman friend and her boyfriend arrived while my Honey prepared most of the meal. He spoils me so much! We played a word game for two hours afterwards. The "kids" cleaned up completely. They are all in their mid thirties. One of my cats made himself useful by being the welcome committee making friends with everyone, while the other three cautiously remained in the perimeter as they checked everybody out. I really enjoyed myself. These next two days, though, I am exhausted.

I will see the Heme/Onc on Tuesday and see what is next for me. I just wish there was something to treat the rash! It is like sandpaper skin, mostly upper body and of course, as I mentioned, worse on my face. I hate it! I was actually hoping for nausea as my side effect so I could lose some weight!  ;D

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