When a Nipple is Not a Nipple it's a Nodule

When I discovered the error the radiologist made reading my chest xray, I did a slow burn. Too many times in the past, I have been misdiagnosed, over diagnosed, under diagnosed. You name it!

It's too complicated to go into all the medical error stories right now, but I think I will make a list sometime in the future and post it. This is not a tirade against doctors or medical care. Just a statement of what happens.

I often wonder what happens to other patients who have mistakes on their medical records if they are not the nosy, pushy kind of patient like me. I want corrections when there is a mistake and I will go to lengths to make sure the correction happens, even if I make a fool of myself, even if I am the one who is mistaken. Yes, that has happened too, where I was sure something had been overlooked and I pressed on about it only to learn it was my own error to believe that something was wrong in the first place.

Bless those medical people who have to deal with me. I'm not mean about it. Just "assertive". But, I'm sure their jobs are hard enough!

I have an online account that connects me to the clinic where I can email my doctors. Since the radiologist is not my personal physician, I sent a message to the doctor who had ordered the chest x-ray. This is what I wrote:

Please notify the radiologist, who read my chest xray that the "nipple" showing on my chest xray is not a nipple. Please ask her to compare the xray to the CAT scan of my lungs taken a couple months ago which showed the nodule inside my lung that has been noted before.

For heavens sake, this is why I have difficulty having faith in some doctors. How can I believe that the reading of my xray is accurate at all?

This is exactly what happened in the past when I had large chondrosarcoma tumor growing in my pelvis and it wasn't seen.

I would also like to see the corrected reading.

Thank you


Note: I took the photo of the dewdrops on Jasmine in my own back yard shortly after a rain.


  1. Anonymous1/13/2012

    First, Your photo is pretty! How nice you have had rain, we are all dried up here in New Mexico! least where I am at.

    Do these people ever make you wonder how in the world they passed medical training/school? My mom had several neck surgeries to take care of deteriorated disks in her neck. The second to the last one she had, the doctor put the bone in the wrong place in her neck...then they put a collar on her that was too big and I think there were a few other things that happened. My mom sued that doctor after he did another operation on her neck to correct the mistakes he made in the previous operation. My poor mom! She knows how to raise hell with doctors/medical staff...part of the reason I hate going to the doctor is because of what she went through.

  2. Things like that get in the way of being able to trust other medical personnel. It's just like having a mechanic rip you off. Then, every time you take the car to a new mechanic you get nervous that the mechanic is going to rip you off. "once burned, twice shy" They say.


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