Leukemia and Kittens

I'm hanging in here okay. One day I'm fine. The next day I'm sick. Though, I find that I'm more fine than sick, so I like that.

I've been able to dig in the garden, pull weeds and plant things a bit. But, not too much. Sometimes I'd like to just spend a whole day gardening like I used to. I push myself. I feel so happy to be able to garden that I forget myself and go beyond a reasonable time! Then, I'm exhausted and suddenly have to go inside, leaving my tools out on the ground. When it's like that, the only answer is to lie down.

I have two new kittens. Did you see their pix? That makes a total of six. I now have the "legal limit" for Santa Cruz County. Probably a good thing, otherwise I would be a Cat Lady.

Oops! I guess I'm already a Cat Lady. I just didn't realize it. Six cats! What am I thinking? I guess if I go for the seventh cat, THEN I'll be a Crazy Cat Lady. Just one more cat is all it takes!

Note: I'm sure in the background just beyond the right corner of the rocking chair you can see the bumper sticker that says, "Mystery Spot". Wondering what that is? A very interesting place here in Santa Cruz County. Check it out.

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