A Little Scare

After the bone marrow biopsy the other day, the nurse placed a large and bulky pressure type bandage upon the spot where the doctor had inserted his instruments.(resembling the picture below).

I didn't mind it at first as my behind
was so numb, I didn't even notice it. That night I slept reasonably comfortable as I had taken pain medicine figuring there would be residual pain when the Novocaine wore off.

I kept the bandage on all day yesterday. But today it was getting annoying. I either hadn't paid attention or no one said anything about when to remove it.

Or... wait... perhaps the instructions of when to move it were on that paper I signed without wearing my glasses! Yes, I do believe that's it. What a trusting patient I am... or perhaps clueless?
Digital Art by Elizabeth Munroz

I scare myself when I think of how irresponsible that was of me!

Needless to say, the bandage was bothering me. It was quite bulky and the tape was pulling and stretching my skin every time I moved. So, I fussed with it and pulled it off.

Continuing to apply pressure I went to the nearest mirror and turned to look at my behind while I lowered the bandage. No sign of blood! Phew!

I kept looking at it for a minute to see if I was mistaken, but there was no sign. I went back to the part of the gauze that had fallen off in order to take another look at the piece that I thought had looked bloody. Yes, it still had a little glob of something on it. I realized it was probably gooey Betadine ointment and not blood at all.

I relaxed and  removed the rest of the bandage and it's been fine since then.

I realize, in retrospect, I need to be more attentive and sensible about these things and ask for help when I need it. I could have asked someone to read the paper to me that I signed without my glasses. Or better yet, I could have made the effort to dig through my purse and find said glasses.

I also realize that because I took an Ativan before the procedure, (just in case this time would not be so easy) that is why I had the careless attitude.

How cavalier I was in signing those papers. What if there was something serious I missed by not reading them? This circumstance was nothing. But it gave me pause to re-prioritize.

Next time I will ask my sweetheart, who went with me to hold my hand, to help me be more vigilant of my carelessness when I'm drugged like that. I seldom take the Ativan. It is prescribed for the few times that I get anxiety attacks. Admittedly I was a bit anxious before the procedure and that was also a reason I took it. 

Live and Learn!

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