Even Roses Have Bad Days

A visit to the clinic today for a CT scan, with contrast. No food after 1pm. Start drinking contrast fluid at 2:30 about ten ounces every twenty minutes until 4:30. I was supposed to be called in for the scan at that time. By 5pm I started getting sharp stomach pains and made a run for the bathroom down the hall. I made it but not  all the way. Just then a woman came in. (poor thing!) I told her I was sick (surely it was obvious) and could she get my husband from the radiology waiting room. She ran out (smart woman) and didn't return.

I hate losing control like that. Being sick in public is humiliating and de-humanizing. I had to ask for hospital gowns to wear. Momentarily, I thought to go home. That would have been the sensible thing to do. Right? Not! There's no way I would go home after ingesting that contrast stuff and then have to come back to do it all over again!!! No thank you! I stayed there and dealt with the situation. I've been through worse.

Once my sweet man helped me clean up and got the gowns for me, he escorted me back to the radiology dept. I spoke to one of the techs, told her I was ill and she got me in to lie down quickly, covered me with a heated blanket and I was soon feeling much better. And we got on with doing the scan. Unfortunately, I don't have any nice puffy veins left so they have to hunt one down. The tech went and got another person to come and insert the IV on the side of my wrist. He really did a good job of it. Didn't hurt all that much, and I have no bruise!!!! Woo Hoo!

I'm sure the average reader would not care to be looking at this post. But, this is what my blog is about. It includes the thorns and roses of everyday life whilst managing one's health issues. So things are not always going to be pleasant. Life sucks sometimes. But if you hang on long enough you get through it, a little demoralized occasionally, but then you go on from there.

I requested a copy of my scan and recieved it before I left. Oh... why did I have the scan? I have a soft lump in my left flank at waist level. It's about the size of a small boiled egg, and feels like it too.

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