Me and My Comforter

Not feeling very well today. Wasted. Get up to do something and in a short time I am forced to go lie down. Made up my mind I was going to get things done anyway. Not a good idea. Good thing my friend was here helping with the laundry! So I rested with a cold wet wash cloth on my head while she put the folded laundry away.

Mom, used to do that... give me a cold wet wash cloth. It was always comforting. Another thing that is comforting when all I can do is lay about, is Buffy, da Bampire Flayer. She's comforting me in the picture I took by holding the camera above us and guessing which direction to aim the camera. After about a dozen takes, I finally got this one.

She's better than an old wet wash cloth any day of the week!!!


  1. Anonymous10/11/2011

    Sorry your not feeling well. Glad you have someone there to help you out and a kitty to make you comfortable. Lala likes to lay in the same spot with me, I love it when she wants to cuddle.


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