Eye Surgery and Leukemia

I was concerned when my Ophthalmologist told me it was time to have my cataracts removed. I totally agreed that my vision had gotten progressively foggy. But, being a Leukemia patient, I thought this might be "Risky". I'm not sure of my logic. Fearful, I guess, that something could go wrong, I supposed. I was also irrationally afraid of "something being put into my eye. Or that people with blood/bone marrow disorders might be more prone to infections or failure of the surgery to go well.

I was reassured by my Oncologist that it would be okay to go through with it. So about a month ago I went through with my first surgery, which was on the right eye. I felt nothing and I remember nothing from the procedure itself. The lens used for replacement of my own is optimal for distance vision. Upon completion and healing from that surgery, my eyesight in that eye is now 20/20. What a difference!

Today, I underwent my second surgery which is in the left eye. This lens is for close up vision at arm's length. I'm home now and wanted to give an idea of what to expect for anyone going through the same. Also, be aware that for the regimen for the several kinds of eye drops you will need to take for the next couple weeks must be followed exactly! My neighbor did not take the instructions seriously and presently has an infection. She is not satisfied with her eyesight at this time either.Do not put your fingers in or near your eyes! You can contaminate your eyes with germs from your fingers.Wash and dry your hands before inserting your eye drops. Dab them with a tissue if need be.

 I have to admit that it gets complicated. Two different eye drops have to be taken four times a day at least five minutes apart. One other eye drop has to be taken three times a day, also with the five minute separation. I've had to make a chart. I've taped the boxes together so they don't get separated and misplaced (learned that lesson early on). And I keep them in a small zippered container in one location so that I can find them when my alarm clock lets me know it's time to take them again. Believe me, I needed someone to help me with this, as the first two days I was pretty foggy minded from the anesthesia.

Can't wait to see the doctor tomorrow first thing for her to take a look and learn what my new vision measures!

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